*About Me

From low resolution to highly detailed characters , a biggest fan of the 3D CG films and video games, of the jaw-dropping artworks and games of Blizzard studios and recently Bethesda (Skyrim) , I started emerging in the CG industry in my first year at ALBA university where I got to expand my knowledge over and over in this field. Spent countless of hours drawing before I got to university and started learning bunch of 3D applications required in the CG society and worked as an illustration freelancer and 3D architecture visualization to get my foot in the door.
I see myself today on the road of mastering and developing much diversified character creation pipelines, working as a lead artist with special interest in human form and anatomy. By far, the greatest thing about my job has been the people I am meeting from all around the world that keep on inspiring me and nourish the global understanding of the CG image and purpose.
Aside my work , I also have a background in music and composing as I did lot of concerts in Lebanon , France and Germany. From soft rock music to progressive death metal, from a regular classical guitar to an 8-string demonic looking electric guitar, music had always been my personal reference world where I get dreamy inspiration and heart-felt materials. Other hobbies include also drawing constantly, playing video games, Ping-Pong.
I have learnt a saying that I stick and live by , and has been a helpful theory in my life because no matter where you go , what you are doing , it’s something that you might need to understand “ It’s better to have It and not need it , than to need it and not have it” .


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